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 *Kafra Employee*

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PostSubject: *Kafra Employee*   Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:58 pm


//===== eAthena Script =======================================
//= Prontera Kafras
//===== By: =========================
//= eAthena Dev Team
//===== Current Version: ===================
//= 2.4b
//===== Compatible With: =====================
//= eAthena 1.0
//===== Description: ============================================
//= Description of argument settings for callfunc "F_Kafra".
//=  arg(0): When set at 0 the default Kafra message is displayed.
//=    When set to 1 the Niflhiem Kafra message is displayed.
//=    When set to 2 the Guild Kafra message is displayed.
//=  arg(1): Set to 1 to disable teleport menu option.  Otherwise set to 0.
//=  arg(2): Set to 1 to disable info menu.  Otherwise set to 0.
//=  arg(3): Cost of Storage service
//=  arg(4): Cost of Rent a Pushcart service
//===== Additional Comments: ==============================================
//= v1.1 Now using functions
//= v2.1b Minor changes to function calls.  Using arguments.
//= This version uses arrays .[kobra_k88]
//= v2.2 New Payon Locations. [Darkchild]
//= 2.3 1 New Kafra, fixed save menus
//= 2.31 New prices [Evera]
//= 2.32 Minor fix to Payon Archer Kafra [SinSloth]
//= 2.4 Updated function calls with new arguments. [L0ne_W0lf]
//=   Added unique Kafra Welcome message.
//= 2.4b Updated the remaning names for the Kafras. [L0ne_W0lf]

// Main Town ----------------------------------------------------------
prontera,160,187,5   script   Kafra Employee::kaf_prontera   113,{
   cutin "kafra_07",2;
   callfunc "F_KafSetPay";
   mes "[Kafra Employee]";
   mes "The Kafra Corporation";
   mes "is always working to provide";
   mes "you with convenient services.";
   mes "How may I be of assistance?";
   callfunc "F_Kafra",5,0,1,60,930;

      savepoint "prontera",160,187;
      callfunc "F_KafEnd",0,1,"in the city of dewata";

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*Kafra Employee*
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