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Dont Remove the Credits from the makers

All iRO Daily Quests in one
Mini Dice Event
Automated Guess the Number Event
MVP Room + Warper
Size Changer
Stat and Skill Seller
Daily Reward NPC
Rock,Paper,Scissors Game
iRO Daily Quest - Alberta Cargo
iRO Daily Quest - Army Supply
iRO Daily Quest - Church Donation
iRO Daily Quest - Knight's Delivery
iRO Daily Quest - Lost Puppies
iRO Daily Quest - Swab the Deck
Skill Points Remover - Requested
WoE Castle Reward - Requested
Soul Linker NPC - Requested
3rd Jobclass Items Reward - Requested
Not automated Guess the Number Event (GM Level 40 or higher)
Lunar's Dynamic Shop Menu - FIXED
Casino Roulette
Powerball Lottery
Advanced Banker
Jackpot Leon
Double Dice Roll